Music Production - English

ISK 79,900

This is a private lessons course which contains 3 parts. If you want to focus on the music and improve your creative skillset this one is for you.

Throughout the course students will work on their very own EP with guidance from tutors.

Part 1 (4 weeks) – Intro to music production (Ableton Live)

Intro to Music Production gives students a thorough grounding in essential music production skills in Ableton Live. If you are serious about becoming a professional producer or sound engineer, then it is crucial to master these skills before you can progress further. It is perfect for beginners but even if you have been making music for some time you will benefit from learning professional techniques from an experienced producer.

  • Ableton Live Overview
  • Making Beats with Ableton
  • Clips, Scenes & Loops
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Recording Audio
  • Manipulating Audio
  • Synthesizers
  • Sampling
  • Mixing
  • Audio Effects and Controllers
  • Arranging Your Track

Part 2 (4 weeks) – Creative production & Remix

Getting your music out into the real world and competing with other talented producers; elevating your music through teechnique and know how: that's what this part is for. We uncover the secrets of the top producers in the world and add to your skills and knowledge base. If you're going to submit a remix, let's make it count...

  • Melodyne & Effectrix
  • FX & Secret Weapons
  • Re-edits & Mixdown
  • Removing Vocals
  • Remixing from Stems
  • Remixing from Sample Packs
  • Recreating Classic Sounds
  • Remixing as Composition
  • Analysing Chord Structure
  • Breakbeat Science
  • Glitch & Granular FX

Part 3 (4 weeks) – Art of mixing

Art of Mixing course reveals how to mix audio like a professional from start to finish. A good mix can lift your music to the next level - whatever style you are into. Whether you want to get your track signed to a label or to ensure that it's in every DJ's record box, a solid mix is essential. Featuring Native Instruments software, Waves and UAD plug ins, our professional sound engineers break the process down and explain exactly what is required to make your music sound bright, punchy and professional.

  • Intro: The Environment
  • Separation in the Mix
  • All About Compression
  • Noise Gate & Reverb
  • The Delay Family
  • Mixing Vocals
  • Group Mixing (Mix Process)
  • Creativity with Audio
  • DIY Mastering
  • EQ, Compression
  • Limiter, Dithering
  • Hardware/Plug ins

Course fee : 190.000 ISK (Full course, 3 parts), 149.900 ISK (2 parts), 69.900 ISK (1 part)

Weekly Timetable : 2 x 90 minute session each week. Monday – Friday (09:00 – 20:00)

When the course fee as been paid you have been enrolled.

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